Earn Money with Apostollo Affiliate Program

Promote Apostollo, help Christian families earn a living and make money yourself. Can it get any better?

Start Making Money

Apartment with Sea View

  • Special specifications
  • Rab, Croatia

Earn 20% recurring commission for every customer you refer to Apostollo

We partner with like-minded brand ambassadors and publishers to share new accommodations and businesses listed on Apostollo monthly.

You’ll get a unique tracking link that you can use to share any Apostollo link on your website, a social media post, or on your blog — however you choose!

Various Accommodations

Find nice apartments, private rooms, etc., for your audience

Help Christian Families

Showcase great businesses owned by Christian families.

30-Day Cookie

Earn lifetime commissions for all paying customers you refer to Apostollo.

Apostollo’s vision is strong and flourishing Christian communities.

We want to build an infrastructure to help Christians lead their lives according to their Faith.

Help Christians live by their Faith: Christian businesses are getting canceled for practicing their Faith. Promoting their services and products will enable Christian families to generate income without compromising their Faith.

Help spread the Gospel: We are all called to be apostles — to preach and share the Good News of Jesus Christ and the salvation for any who believes and follows Him.

By supporting Christian businesses, you can contribute to the strengthening of their families and local communities. Strong families play a crucial role in improving the community.

Have questions? We’ve got answers.

Is Apostollo only for specific Christian denominations?

Apostollo is open to all Christian denominations, whether Catholics, Orthodox or Protestants. Read our Statement of Faith

Is Apostollo responsible if guests/Apostollo members don’t pay correctly?

No, Apostollo is not responsible for payments. Apostollo’s role is to connect guests/Apostollo members to Christian-owned businesses like yours. But it’s your responsibility as the rental/business owner to process the payment of your service/goods.

Please read our Terms & Conditions for Partners

Are guests/Apostollo members paying directly to me or through the Apostollo platform?

Guests/Apostollo members are paying directly to you with the payment method you both agree.

You can accept cash, deposit, card payment, bitcoin, or anything else you agree with the Apostollo member. Just be sure you can apply the agreed Discount to it.

Do you take any commission fees from our bookings?

No, we don’t take any commission fee from your booking.

You, as a rental/business owner, have to pay:

  1. Verification fee once per year to Apostollo, AND
  2. Give Discounts & Benefits to Apostollo members (minimum 10% of your base price).

The verification fee ensures us of your existence and the Discounts & Benefits help Apostollo Members have a better experience at your rental/business.

Who is the main target group Apostollo is aiming to attract?

Apostollo aims to connect Christian travelers with Christian-owned businesses.

More than 50 million Christians go on pilgrimage every year. And even more Christians travel every year to places that aren’t pilgrimage-related.

We want to help those Christians have a more fulfilling vacation by enabling them to help fellow Christian families generate income.

Need more help?

Contact info@apostollo.com with more questions.