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A spiritual tour across the Old Town of Rab. If you are eager to connect with God during your vacation, this tour will be just the right fit for you.

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About Travel with God in Rab

This is a morning activity for the early birds. We will start at 6:30 AM and last 3 hours.

The tour will be a combination of spiritual activities and historical sightseeing.

It includes:

  • an early signing Mass, followed by a regular Mass,
  • Rab Old Town sightseeing, emphasizing Catholic buildings and stories, and
  • a coffee break.


This tour aims to introduce you to local Christian history and provide you with spiritual food during your vacation.

We can arrange a special confession per your request.

The price is €30 per person. For a better experience, we prefer smaller groups of up to five people. We can arrange different arrangements for larger families.

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Ul. Ivana Rabljanina 17, 51280, Rab Rab, Croatia


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Hosted by Dorian Antešić Family

Joined in March 2024

Dorian Antešić is the Co-founder of Apostollo. He is a devoted Catholic working to serve God’s little children.


  • English
  • Croatian
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