Explore Zagreb

Stroll through Zagreb’s quaint, cobblestone streets, under the watchful eyes of its majestic neo-gothic Cathedral, or enjoy a coffee in the bustling Ban Jelačić Square. From its rich Christian heritage to its vibrant café culture, Zagreb is a city where tradition and modernity dance in harmony.

Patron saint of the city of Zagreb is the Mother of God of Kamenita Vrata (the Stone Gate).

Zagreb, Croatia

Where to stay in Zagreb

From apartments to private rooms, we got you covered. Our Christian hosts are ready to make your stay in Zagreb as comfortable as possible. Check our listing of premier properties:

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What to do in Zagreb

Explore Zagreb’s Cathedral, a gothic masterpiece, and stroll through the Upper Town’s historic streets lined with storied churches. Attend a service at St. Mark’s Church, with its iconic tiled roof, and find tranquility at Mirogoj Cemetery, a serene blend of art and nature. Delve into the sacred at the Museum of Religious Art, showcasing Croatia’s spiritual heritage

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