Juričev Martinčev Family

We are a seven-member family from Vodice, and for almost 13 years, we have been actively working on our family business, wanting to create something different that would really meet the needs of the people of today.

Our story

That’s how we started our souvenir shop 13 years ago. Today, we also run our gift shop in another location and offer our products on our webshop, All of our products are exclusively Croatian-made, with an emphasis on the quality of each individual product.

Our additional business activity is guided walking tours on Okit Hill near Vodice. This hill is in fact the sanctuary of Our Lady of Carmel, with a beautiful stone church on top.

Business consulting and coaching is our third activity, created based on our experience and the application of acquired knowledge on our own business example.

Our guiding principle

Listen, discern and do – so that the Father’s will is done!

Our commitment

The Lord has given us talents that He wants us to use for the benefit of all.

It is our duty and obligation to be good stewards of everything that has been given to us, and our work is one of the most important ways in which we can act directly in the community in which we live.

From the very beginning of our business ventures, we have always strived to make everything we do, even better said, the way we do it, to be a channel through which the Kingdom of Heaven can spread.

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