You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hidden.

Matthew 5:14
Apostollo is spreading the Gospel and helping God’s children shine a light on the world.
Apostollo’s vision is strong and flourishing Christian communities.

Problems we face

It’s not easy to be a Christian today. Society’s values drifted from the right path. But Jesus commended us to be “the salt of the earth” and “the light of the world.”

Each Christian family is a “city built on a hill” that shines a light on the world. These families are located all across the globe. But they often need help as well.

Our founders, Dorian and Marin, realized this while traveling and seeking to connect with their faith and fellow Christians.

Dorian and Marin on their pilgrimage to Rome, thinking about starting Apostollo.

They had three questions:

  1. How can we help Christian families while traveling?
  2. How can we secure a safe environment for our family while traveling?
  3. How can we grow in our Faith while on the road?

A clear problem existed: a desperate need for a centralized hub where Christian travelers could seek and support businesses aligned with their beliefs.

Apostollo is bridging the gap between faith and travel

Apostollo was created with a single purpose: to bridge the gap between faith and travel, bringing together like-minded individuals under one digital roof.

More than just a digital membership card

Apostollo is the key to unlocking exclusive discounts and benefits at Christian-owned accommodations, restaurants, tour operators, and much more.

By making it easy for Christian travelers to find and support Christian-run businesses, we are fostering a network of faith, unity, and mutual support.

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… a world where you know that every dollar you spend is channeled back into the Christian community.

That’s the future Apostollo invites you into.

With every Apostollo membership, not only do you receive a year of benefits and discounts, but also the chance to deepen your connection with the Christian community worldwide.

… a world where your travel, your meals, and your experiences all contribute towards a thriving global Christian network.

That is the future we strive for, and we invite you to join us on this journey. Be part of Apostollo, and let us travel this path of faith, together.

Welcome to Apostollo, where faith meets fellowship.


Explore the world, save money and help families. Can it get any better?

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Meet the heart of Apostollo Families behind businesses

Explore the stories of the Christian families you support with every purchase. Their passion, faith, and dedication are at the heart of your unique experiences with Apostollo.

What members are saying about Apostollo

Exactly what I wanted. Simple, but great. It's hard to describe. Great location, great atmosphere. Family. You quickly think it's your own house. Almost everything you need within walking distance. Beautiful view through the (semi) island gap as if over the open sea.

Alexander R.


Beautiful people! We were searching for ways to attract Christians to our apartments. Apostollo helps a lot!

Sandra Antešić

Home owner

We created Apostollo to help people connect with God on their travels. Supporting Christian families at their businesses is a great way to accomplish that!

Dorian A.

Apostollo founder/Business owner

Why join Apostollo?

Best price, guaranteed

Our partners are required to give you the lowest prices when you join Apostollo

No fees

We don't charge any booking fees if you contact hosts through us. None.

Exclusive savings

We offer exclusive discounts and benefits on rentals, dining, tours, and more

Apostollo pays for itself

Some of the discounts will pay off Apostollo's subscription in one transaction. You can enjoy Apostollo membership for the whole year!

Flexible payment with our partners

Cash, credit card, bitcoin, etc. You are free to arrange types of payments directly with our partners

Handpicked rentals

Only high-quality accommodations make it onto our site

We care

We're Christians just like you. Just doing our part of sharing the love for Jesus Christ.

Support Christian families

Our families share your values