Day 1 – Apostollo starts its pilgrimage

Dorian Antešić

March 14, 2024

Today is the day. Today, Apostollo starts its pilgrimage. 

After a year of preparation, thinking, crafting the plan, building, and most importantly – praying. Today, yes, today – we start. 

What do we start? 

And what is Apostollo anyway? 

Well… we are glad you asked 🙂 


What is Apostollo

Apostollo is a Christian travel platform built to help people connect with God on their adventures. 

In short, Apostollo is a digital membership card for discounts & benefits at Christian-owned accommodations, tours, restaurants and more for an entire year.

Consider us as “Airbnb for Christianity.” 

We help people by introducing them to local Christian communities, enabling them to support Christian families at work, and helping them explore local Christian traditions. 

Apostollo is exploring the Beauty of Christianity worldwide. 

Apostollo focuses on Christian hospitality, offering travelers a safe and family-friendly environment. 


Why Apostollo?

You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hidden.

Matthew 5:14

Each Christian family is a “city built on a hill” that shines a light on the world. These families are located all across the globe. But they often need help as well.

We realized this while pilgrimaging across Europe. More precisely, in the “Eternal City” of Rome. 

Apostollo is a company founded to support Christian families and values. By becoming a member, you unlock exclusive deals at Christian-owned accommodations, restaurants, bars, tours, experiences and more.

Our hosts have agreed to offer discounts and benefits on their base price rate, ensuring that Apostollo members always get the best deal available.

But more than just a travel discount, staying with our Christian hosts means strengthening Christian faith and communities.

We believe supporting Christian families at work is one of the best ways to bolster the Christian faith.

By helping Christian families generate income, you ensure their local community thrives.

In a world where Christians often face pressure to compromise their beliefs, your choice to do business with our hosts allows them to operate as faithfully as possible.

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

Galatians 6:10

But discounts and benefits at Christian businesses are just one part of Apostollo’s adventure. 

We believe every place can be a pilgrimage site. 


Every place can be for pilgrimage

The Church is global.  

And Christian communities are everywhere. 

Each community has its traditions, stories, and miracles—live examples of God’s beautiful grace. 

Apostollo aims to explore the Beauty of Christianity worldwide, present it to the world, and help travelers have meaningful experiences on their journeys. 

Imagine this:

A traveler comes to a city or village. He/she enjoys the restaurants, cafes, beaches, etc. All the usual that people enjoy on their vacations. They have their moments of hedonism. 

But how about the food for their soul? 

How about God? 


Travel with God, anywhere you go

God is everywhere. 

He is not just in Rome, Lourdes, Jerusalem, Guadalupe, Međugorje or other famous pilgrimage sites. 

We witness this each time we travel. 

In the past seven years, we (Apostollo’s founders) have traveled to 20 countries. Each place has churches and local Christian communities that we can explore and learn from. 

A Christian traveler doesn’t have to go to a specific pilgrimage site to come closer to God. 

Apostollo wants to make every “regular” vacation a pilgrimage. 

A Christian traveler can enjoy his typical vacation while dedicating at least some time to exploring God’s creation. 

For example, while in Rab or Zagreb, the traveler can enjoy beaches, mountains, restaurants AND spend an enjoyable time connecting with God. 

These places aren’t your usual pilgrimage destinations, but they are full of Christian beauty. Regular places that become much different when you explore their spiritual part.

You can go to Mass, have a confession, join a group prayer, explore local Christian history and traditions, meet local Christian families and support them at their work and much much more. 


How about places without churches

Apostollo wants to spread the Gospel and help God’s children shine a light on this world. Our vision is strong and flourishing Christian communities. 

If there is a place without a church, Apostollo wants to help establish it. 

As Apostollo pilgrims, we want to plant the seeds of new churches and awaken the Holy Spirit in existing ones.  


Statement of Faith

Apostollo welcomes Catholics, Orthodox and Protestant Christians under one roof. 

You can read our Statement of Faith at this link


Beauty of Christianity

Each parish is unique and beautiful in its own way. 

Each Christian family has its story to tell. 

Apostollo travels the world, discovering Christian families and exploring the Beauty of Christian communities.  

Travel with God anywhere you go

Today is Day 1. Will you join us?



Dorian Antešić

Dorian Antešić is the Co-founder of Apostollo. He is a devoted Catholic working to serve God's little children.

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