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Apostollo brings you unbeatable discounts & benefits on accommodation, restaurants, bars, and experiences at our Christian hosts.

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Famous Rab Old Town with its towers
Family on a holiday

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Save over 10% on Christian accommodations, dining, and tours with Apostollo. Our partner families offer the lowest prices on our site. See our popular discounts below.

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Billed annually
  • Save minimum 10% on apartments, restaurants, bars, tours and more.
  • Enjoy discounts for an entire year
  • Get free welcome drinks and snacks at dozens of apartments
  • Stay in family-friendly apartments and private rooms
  • Support Christian families and have a fulfilling travel experience
  • Gain new discounts regularly
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Exactly what I wanted. Simple, but great. It's hard to describe. Great location, great atmosphere. Family. You quickly think it's your own house. Almost everything you need within walking distance. Beautiful view through the (semi) island gap as if over the open sea.

Alexander R.


Beautiful people! We were searching for ways to attract Christians to our apartments. Apostollo helps a lot!

Sandra Antešić

Home owner

It's wonderful to travel and connect with people who have the same values ​​as me, and Apostollo made it possible for me. God brings us together with help of this page.😊

Gia K.

Apostollo Member

I believe that through the Apostolo platform I will find some undiscovered experiences and meet people that I would hardly have met using services such as Booking or AirBnB.

Dario V.

Apostollo Member

We created Apostollo to help people connect with God on their travels. Supporting Christian families at their businesses is a great way to accomplish that!

Dorian A.

Apostollo founder/Business owner

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Log into your Apostollo account and explore amazing discounts from our curated selection of apartments, restaurants, tours, experiences, and more.

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*Prices are approximate, depending on location, listing, taxes, etc.

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Apostollo Partners must give at least a 10% discount on their base price to Apostollo members

Why join Apostollo?

Best price, guaranteed

Our partners are required to give you the lowest prices when you join Apostollo

No fees

We don't charge any booking fees if you contact hosts through us. None.

Exclusive savings

We offer exclusive discounts and benefits on rentals, dining, tours, and more

Apostollo pays for itself

Some of the discounts will pay off Apostollo's subscription in one transaction. You can enjoy Apostollo membership for the whole year!

Flexible payment with our partners

Cash, credit card, bitcoin, etc. You are free to arrange types of payments directly with our partners

Handpicked rentals

Only high-quality accommodations make it onto our site

We care

We're Christians just like you. Just doing our part of sharing the love for Jesus Christ.

Support Christian families

Our families share your values

Apostollo pays for itself after...

2 nights at this apartment

Rab, Croatia

Boasting a private entrance, this air-conditioned apartment comes with 1 living room, 3 separate bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with a bath and a shower. Guests…

2 nights at this family apartment

Rab, Croatia

Set in Banjol, less than 5 minutes drom Padova I Beach, less than 1 km from Padova II Beach and a 16-minute walk from Padova…

These are estimations based on average rates. Please note that rental prices may vary.

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Meet the heart of Apostollo Families behind businesses

Explore the stories of the Christian families you support with every purchase. Their passion, faith, and dedication are at the heart of your unique experiences with Apostollo.

Whatever town or village you enter, search there for some worthy person and stay at their house until you leave.

Matthew 10:11

Have questions? We’ve got answers.

Is Apostollo only for specific Christian denominations?

Apostollo is open to all Christian denominations, whether Catholics, Orthodox or Protestants. Read our Statement of Faith

Is Apostollo responsible if guests/Apostollo members don’t pay correctly?

No, Apostollo is not responsible for payments. Apostollo’s role is to connect guests/Apostollo members to Christian-owned businesses like yours. But it’s your responsibility as the rental/business owner to process the payment of your service/goods.

Please read our Terms & Conditions for Partners

Are guests/Apostollo members paying directly to me or through the Apostollo platform?

Guests/Apostollo members are paying directly to you with the payment method you both agree.

You can accept cash, deposit, card payment, bitcoin, or anything else you agree with the Apostollo member. Just be sure you can apply the agreed Discount to it.

Do you take any commission fees from our bookings?

No, we don’t take any commission fee from your booking.

You, as a rental/business owner, have to pay:

  1. Verification fee once per year to Apostollo, AND
  2. Give Discounts & Benefits to Apostollo members (minimum 10% of your base price).

The verification fee ensures us of your existence and the Discounts & Benefits help Apostollo Members have a better experience at your rental/business.

Who is the main target group Apostollo is aiming to attract?

Apostollo aims to connect Christian travelers with Christian-owned businesses.

More than 50 million Christians go on pilgrimage every year. And even more Christians travel every year to places that aren’t pilgrimage-related.

We want to help those Christians have a more fulfilling vacation by enabling them to help fellow Christian families generate income.

Apostollo’s story

He said to them,
“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

Mark 16:15
Founders in Rome thinking about starting Apostollo

Learn more about how Apostollo was founded and our mission to support Christian communities worldwide.

Read Our Story
Founders in Rome thinking about starting Apostollo

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Apostollo is a digital membership card for discounts & benefits at Christian-owned accommodations, tours, restaurants and more for an entire year.

Save money, help Christian families and have a fulfilling vacation.

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