Frequently asked questions

What is Apostollo? 

Apostollo is a membership site that unlocks exclusive deals at Christian-owned accommodations, restaurants, bars, tours, experiences and more.

How do I use Apostollo?
  1. After becoming a member of our Apostollo community, you will get login credentials to start exploring accommodations and deals from our curated selection.
  2. Select a discount you like and contact the host directly.
  3. Hosts of our accommodations, restaurants, experiences, etc., will give you the discounts and benefits directly at hand. Just show them your Apostollo membership when you arrive.
  4. You can also pay online in advance to our hosts to reserve your spot. Then, show your Apostollo membership upon arrival to assure the host he gave you the correct price.
  5. You can book accommodation and other for more people, but the Apostollo membership’s owner has to be present upon arrival.

Discounts are calculated at the best price available, so you must get the price cheaper than if you booked directly with the host without the Apostollo membership.

(This doesn’t count one-time short promotions our partners individually run.)
Apostollo is valid for the entire year and you can book as many accommodations, restaurants, tours, etc., as you’d like.

What kinds of discounts can I get with Apostollo?

Apostollo gets you discounts on accommodation, restaurants, bars, tours, experiences and more! View all of the benefits here

Are new offers added to Apostollo?

Yes! We constantly add new discounts and benefits to give Apostollo community the best savings and experience. If you want to stay on top of the new deals we’re adding, sign up for our newsletter

Where can I stay using Apostollo?

We have partnered with wonderful Christian families offering apartments, private rooms and more at the best price available + Apostollo discounts and benefits. View all the accommodations here

Why should I book at Christian-owned businesses?

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

Galatians 6:2

At Apostollo, we believe that supporting Christian families at their work is one of the best ways of strengthening the Christian faith.

By helping Christian families generate income, you ensure their local community thrives. These days, when Christianity faces attacks, many Christians find themselves pressured to compromise their beliefs to avoid persecution.
Read more about our Apostollo families

Also, our Apostollo families nurture a family-friendly environment. Rest assured, you and your children are safe without harmful things like violence or pornography.

How much does the Apostollo membership cost?

Apostollo costs just €2990 for an entire year, and is renewed annually. You can cancel the subscription anytime, so the next year won’t be billed.

How is Apostollo able to get me unbeatable prices?

At Apostollo, we can offer you unbeatable rates because of our special relationship with our families. We provide a unique membership code to book directly with our families, guaranteeing the best available rate.

Direct booking rates are already the cheapest option, and we offer additional discounts on top of those rates to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.

When you book through third-party websites like Airbnb or, they charge our families a commission on your booking, which can drive up the cost of your stay.

By choosing Apostollo, you avoid middlemen, secure the best prices, and directly support our host families—it’s a win-win!

For how long is my Apostollo valid?

Your Apostollo is valid for one calendar year from the date of purchase.

How do you select families to have on Apostollo?

Hosts have to proclaim Jesus Christ as their only Lord and Savior.

Hosts must agree they will give discounts and benefits on their base price rate, so Apostollo members get the lowest price available.

Hosts must agree they will make their environment family-friendly.

How do I communicate with the rental host or the business owner?

You will start the communication through the Apostollo platform using the “Send a Request” button. Then, you will continue communicating directly via email and/or phone.

Is Apostollo responsible if Partners (rental hosts and other business owners) cancel our reservation or something bad happens?

No, Apostollo is not responsible for such circumstances. Please read our Terms & Conditions for Apostollo Members to learn more information about your and Apostollo’s responsibility.

Is Apostollo only for specific Christian denominations?

Apostollo is open to all Christian denominations, whether Catholics, Orthodox or Protestants. Read our Statement of Faith

Can I get an Amen?


Frequently Asked Questions for Property/Business Owners

How much does it cost to list my rental/business?

Owners of rentals or businesses have two costs:
1. Verification
It costs just €2990 per year to verify you.
1. Discounts & Benefits for Apostollo members

Decide how much discounts you want to give to Apostollo members. The minimum is 10% of your base price.
Base price = the price guests would pay if they purchased directly from you

Can I add the discount (for example, 10%) above the price on our website so we can absorb the 10% discount for Apostollo members?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow that.

We make sure the prices we have on the site are lower than the rental price if a customer would book it directly with you…or anywhere else.

The same applies to business owners, such as restaurants, bars, cafes, tour guides, etc.

This is our Best Price Guarantee that every rental/business owner agrees to when listing on our site.

Without this, there would simply be too much incentive for people to circumvent us after we help them find a great rental or business.

We work really hard to help bring our partners more guests to their business.

We do a lot of work behind the scenes, and our business relies on owners’ honesty to respect the agreed discounts & benefits to Apostollo members.

We, of course, actively check and review when people are reporting.

If we find someone is not giving the agreed discount to Apostollo members, that’s a big breach of trust for us, and we wouldn’t be able to continue with that partner.

Our aim is to bring a good marketing alternative for you as a Christian business owner.

The minimum 10% discount should not come as an extra that the customer would have to pay.

It should be priced into your marketing budget.

Can I add taxes, my PayPal fees, etc. on top of the rental price (without having the discount on it?)

We apply Apostollo discounts on the total rental price and it is the same process for all rental owners — we love transparency.

The total rental price on Apostollo should always be the guest’s complete price, including any fees or costs.

That being said, because taxes depend on location and guest we understand if you do not include them in the total rental price. Any taxes not included in the total rental price must be added in the “What’s not Included” section of the description, stating the amount and type of tax for full transparency.

E.g. 23% VAT or $2 Tourist Tax per day, per person.

This helps guests budget for their trip and ensure that everything is taken care of.

What Benefits can I offer?

Besides Discounts, you can offer Apostollo members additional Benefits to attract them to your rental or business.

For example, you can give Apostollo members a free welcome drink or a meal/snack.

You can give them a free tour guide and/or free guidebooks.

You can arrange a free pickup at the airport or bus station.

There are so many things you can give to Apostollo members that won’t cost much but will bring a smile to our members.

Be creative! 🙂

How can I confirm the guests are Apostollo members?

The person who booked your rental or arrived at your business (restaurant, bar, etc.) must present you with their Apostollo membership.

The person will log in to their Apostollo account and show you their card.

If the person can’t show you their Apostollo membership, you have NO OBLIGATION to give them the agreed Discounts & Benefits.

How can I communicate with Apostollo members?

Apostollo members will contact you via email or phone call.

Are there any rules I must follow as a rental/business owner?

Yes. Before you join the Apostollo network, you must agree to the Terms & Conditions for Partners

Who is the main target group Apostollo is aiming to attract?

Apostollo aims to connect Christian travelers with Christian-owned businesses.

More than 50 million Christians go on pilgrimage every year. And even more Christians travel every year to places that aren’t pilgrimage-related.

We want to help those Christians have a more fulfilling vacation by enabling them to help fellow Christian families generate income.

Do you take any commission fees from our bookings?

No, we don’t take any commission fee from your booking.

You, as a rental/business owner, have to pay:

  1. Verification fee once per year to Apostollo, AND
  2. Give Discounts & Benefits to Apostollo members (minimum 10% of your base price).

The verification fee ensures us of your existence and the Discounts & Benefits help Apostollo Members have a better experience at your rental/business.

Are guests/Apostollo members paying directly to me or through the Apostollo platform?

Guests/Apostollo members are paying directly to you with the payment method you both agree.

You can accept cash, deposit, card payment, bitcoin, or anything else you agree with the Apostollo member. Just be sure you can apply the agreed Discount to it.

Is Apostollo responsible if guests/Apostollo members don’t pay correctly?

No, Apostollo is not responsible for payments. Apostollo’s role is to connect guests/Apostollo members to Christian-owned businesses like yours. But it’s your responsibility as the rental/business owner to process the payment of your service/goods.

Please read our Terms & Conditions for Partners